• You have 90 days after the latest estimated delivery date to request an A-to-z Guarantee refund.
  • We may deny your refund request if you refuse delivery of the order and the return has no tracking information

You can request a refund under the A-to-z Guarantee if all of the following conditions apply:

  • You've contacted the seller and waited two business days for them to respond.
  • You meet at least one of the following conditions:
    • You haven't received your package and three days have passed since the latest estimated delivery dates  or the tracking shows a delivery confirmation, whichever is sooner.
    • The item you received is damaged, defective, or not as described.
    • You returned an item in line with our return policies, but you haven't received the relevant refund or the refund amount was wrong. You must do the following:
      1. Request a return within 30 days of the delivery date of the item (or before the end of the extended return period for orders placed during the Christmas period).
      2. Postmark the return within 14 days after you've arranged the return with the seller.
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